Pharmacy-Based Advantage

Pharmacy Made Simple

PACE Organization Pain Points

  • Small retail pharmacy provider with limited capacity
  • Adopting processes & systems that promote PACE system goals
  • Reducing healthcare costs
  • EMR integration

Grane Rx Value Proposition

  • PACE and geriatric expertise 
  • Reduced liability and healthcare costs
  • Safe and predictable white glove medication distribution
  • Specialized medication adherence packaging
  • Predictable operating results

The Grane Rx Pharmacy-Based Solution

Center-Based Pharmacy Model: The pharmacy dispenses medications to the PACE center and all the heavy lifting is done within the PACE center by PACE center staff. This includes medication management, sorting, administration, delivery, tracking, and more.

Pharmacy-Based Model: The PACE center off-loads the majority of its pharmacy burden to Grane Rx’s dedicated PACE pharmacy. After a medication order is placed, Grane Rx manages everything from fulfillment to distribution, accurately and safely delivering participant medications to their homes. This model frees-up PACE staff to focus on participant care.

You can benefit from the Grane Rx Pharmacy-Based solution now. Get in touch to find out how.

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