Innovative Integrated Health Selects Grane Rx as its PACE Pharmacy Provider to Handle Program’s Growing Needs


Grane Rx (–the leader in PACE pharmacy services and solutions–is proud to announce its newly formed strategic relationship with Innovative Integrated Health (IIH). IIH selected Grane Rx as its official pharmacy provider to meet the growing needs of its PACE program. Beginning October 1, 2020, Grane Rx will transition in as IIH’s end-to-end pharmacy provider, serving its centers in Fresno, Kern and Tulare counties.

“In choosing a new pharmacy provider, we were looking for a partner that could meet our growth and handle the volume. Our plan is to grow to 3,000 participants by the end of 2022, shared Sharon Melancon, PACE VP of operations for IIH. “We also wanted a partner with PACE expertise–a pharmacy who had operated in the PACE program before.”

“What really stood out to us in vetting a pharmacy partner was Grane Rx’s reporting and data analytics. We were impressed with their medication adherence focused packaging and literacy for participants. The overall pharmacy solution from Grane Rx made Grane Rx an easy choice for us,” said Melancon.

Among the benefits of transitioning to Grane Rx, IIH will no longer have to handle participant medications. Medication delivery will shift to Grane Rx’s White Glove Delivery program freeing up valuable IIH staff time and resources.

“Not having to deliver medications is huge for us. It’s a game changer because it frees up our transportation so we can better serve our participants,” said Steve Seita, IIH Director of Business Development for PACE.

“We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to serve Innovative Integrated Health and support their growth plans. Grane Rx has the capacity and experience to meet IIH’s pharmacy needs now and into the future,” said Grane Rx CEO Bob Rowland.

IIH and Grane Rx are proud members of the National PACE Association (NPA) which can be found at Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) is a comprehensive, fully integrated, provider based health plan for those who require a nursing home level of care. NPA works to advance the efforts of PACE so older individuals can continue living in their community.

About Grane Rx
Grane Rx is a high-touch PACE pharmacy provider. Our end-to-end medication distribution services include White Glove medication delivery, staff training, on-going staff support, pharmacy transition facilitation, precision medication insights, and state-of-the-art pharmacy automation. All of our solutions are designed to streamline senior care operations, optimize care and manage costs. We work closely with our customers’ to build a collaborative relationship and ensure a smooth pharmacy transition.

About Grane Rx

For nearly 25 years, Grane Rx has been a leader in pharmacy solutions and services for PACE organizations and post-acute care providers across the United States. Our customer centric pharmacy approach optimizes Care Center operations so providers can deliver the most seamless, accurate and convenient pharmacy experiences to their patients and participants. Our PACE Pharmacy Solutions include Meds2Home packaging, EasyRead Pharmacy labels, and LearnRx literacy tools available in 22 different languages, which are designed to revolutionize pharmacy services and outcomes. Grane Rx leverages senior care pharmacy experts and the newest technologies to provide universal, best-in-class service to patients, participants and Centers alike.

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