A patient-centered pharmacy experience.

Your Medications Delivered Directly to Your Door

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of participants outside of the PACE center can be challenging. To mitigate participant risks and provide peace of mind to PACE center staff, Grane Rx has developed a fully integrated PACE pharmacy and medication management solution: Meds2Home. The Meds2Home program delivers participant prescriptions right to their doorstep so participants can age safely at home.

For Participants

Through the Meds2Home program participants enjoy home delivery of their daily medication regimen in color-coded, smart-labeled boxes. All of their medications come in presorted pouches with simple instructions and easy to read educational materials that reinforce health literacy and improve medication adherence. For participants, the result is a safe, easy and carefully managed medication program that enables them to thrive from the comfort of their home.

“I have been hearing great things from participants about the transition to Grane Rx! There is nothing more rewarding than hearing a participant and/or family member actually verbalize how the Meds2Home boxes are delivered, labeled and accessed in easy to pull packets from the box.”

— Dr. Ramos, CMO Eastern Region for InnovAge

For PACE Centers

With the Meds2Home program, your physicians do the prescribing using your native EHR system and then Grane Rx handles the rest. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing EHR system so your care team can maintain their workflows while leveraging the powerful automation capabilities of the Grane Rx system on the backend. From fulfillment and quality assurance to personalized packaging and home delivery, Meds2Home delivers exactly what you prescribe to your participants' doorsteps. The benefit to PACE Centers is significant time, resource and cost savings along with a healthy dose of peace of mind thanks to the reliability of the Grane Rx platform.

Make the move to a better pharmacy solution today.