The Grane Rx Advantage

The leading choice in post acute care pharmacy solutions

Grane Rx is the only long-term care pharmacy that consistently delivers what you want most: the confidence of knowing that, day and night, we'll be here to help you care for your assisted living, nursing home and other long-term care residents.

Our process is simple:

  • We create savings that you can put to better use elsewhere.
  • We offer clinical management programs that help you improve your residents' and members’ clinical outcomes, so you can care for higher-acuity residents more effectively, at a lower cost.
  • We provide automated medication dispensing cabinets and other pharmacy automation systems — leading technologies that help our clients work better (not just harder).
  • We become your single, simple source for pharmacy automation services, automated dispensing cabinets, EHR interoperability and a trusted humanistic approach to technology.

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Why is Grane Rx your choice for long-term care pharmacy solutions?

It has always been a balancing act trying to assure that we meet everybody's expectations. The ultimate goal is the comfort and high quality care of our residents.
— Greg Hall, Administrator, HarmarVillage Care Center

How does Grane Rx technology help improve patient outcomes?

The use of the pouch packaging system and the electronic cabinet has made HarmarVillage a much better center.
— Linda Imm, Director of Nursing, HarmarVillage Care Center

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How does Vincentian Home work with Grane Rx to promote culture change? See the process in action »

How does Grane Rx make flexible medication pass times simple?

We want our residents to make as many of their own choices as they can. And when they take their medications is an important part of that. We work with Grane Rx to manage flexible medication pass times. [They] have been most helpful in making the change. It's wonderful.
— Kathi Jacob, RN, Evening Supervisor and Pharmacy Liaison, Vincentian Home