Choosing Grane Rx

We are the long-term care pharmacy you can trust.

Grane Rx’s primary focus is the comfort and high quality care of your residents and support for your nursing team. So we're dedicated to making pharmacy simple with streamlined operations, the latest technology and clinical guidance that can help you save time and money, improve resident safety and manage a complex regulatory world.

Why replace medication punch cards?

Every nurse passes medications and organizes carts differently and that means it can often be difficult for fellow clinicians and care providers to find what they need when they need it. Grane Rx’s system replaces medication punch cards and, with them, curbs lag and risk.

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Why switch to Grane SimplePacks for passing medications?

SimplePacks are designed to make the medication passing process simpler and easier with less time commitment and less waste as a result.

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How do Grane SimplePacks improve resident safety?

By ensuring patients never receive medications that, together, could cause adverse drug reactions or trigger existing allergies, Grane SimplePacks serve as an added safeguard that saves time, promotes medication adherence and ensures the well-being of your patients.

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