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Company Overview of Grane Rx

Grane Rx is the leading provider of senior care pharmacy and medication management services for nursing care, PACE centers and senior communities. Since 1994, our dedicated team of senior care professionals has been delivering pharmacy support, medication management programs and automation solutions to our clients. Our passionate team is made up of seasoned pharmacists, nurses, and industry experts who specialize in geriatric care.

Grane Rx is a value based organization driven by 9 key principles:

✓ Teamwork

We place the highest value on teamwork knowing that we can achieve more and produce even greater results when we collaborate. This philosophy extends to our customers as well. We see ourselves as an extension of your team.

✓ Respect

We champion a culture of respect within our organization and among all those we interact with. We believe that every voice counts and deserves to be heard. We celebrate the individuality of our employees and the uniqueness of each of our partners.

✓ Stewardship

We are committed to demonstrating stewardship daily by nurturing the growth of our team members, helping our partners streamline their business and maximize their resources and giving back to our communities.

✓ Accountability

We take pride in holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards and readily acknowledging when we fall short. We foster an environment at all levels where it’s acceptable to make mistakes and learning from our missteps is encouraged and valued.

✓ Quality

Accuracy, reliability, efficiency and consistency represent the fundamentals of Grane Rx and drive our collective pursuit for excellence. We leverage people and innovation to continually raise the bar on the quality of our services.

✓ Simplicity

In the complex and ever evolving field of senior care pharmacy and medication management, simplicity is paramount. We take this notion to heart and focus on providing you with the most accurate and direct information when you need it.

✓ Expertise

Grane Rx employs specialists in geriatric nursing, senior pharmacy care, and other relevant industry professionals who understand the needs of your residents and participants.

✓ Champions of Service

We’re here to serve our clients and provide exceptional customer experiences. Don’t just take out word for it, hear what our partners have to say. As your partner in senior care pharmacy excellence, we welcome your feedback.

✓ Making a Difference

GraneRx exists to make people’s lives better. From the technologies we develop to the unparalleled customer service we provide to the expertise we bring, having a positive impact is what drives us as individuals and collectively as an organization.

Our Culture

We care about the work we do and our people. We also take the time to enjoy one another, celebrate our successes and give back to the communities where we live and work. We believe balance is critical to a thriving work environment and happy, motivated team.

Customer Testimonials

We’re here to serve our clients and provide exceptional customer experiences. We leverage people and innovation to continually raise the bar on the quality of our services. Don’t just take out word for it… hear what our partners have to say about us.


Considering your next career move in senior care pharmacy and medication management? Grane Rx is continually on the look-out for talented professionals in the field with a range of skills and experience levels. You can explore current openings on our job board and we encourage you to check back frequently for newly posted positions.

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