SimplePack Packaging Solutions

Dispensing Medication with Accuracy, Safety and Ease

SimplePacks are Grane Rx’s solution to traditional medication punch cards which can be cumbersome, costly and wasteful when delivered in 14 to 30 day supplies. Grane Rx uses automated technology to package medications in secure, individual packets that are labeled with clear instructions and complimentary visuals to ensure improved health literacy. All meds are packaged by time of day to be taken and delivered in 3 to 4 day supplies to allow for easy, waste free medication modifications as needed.

For nursing centers, the SimplePack system provides a number of valuable benefits including significant time savings for staff, reduced costs from waste minimization and efficiency gains, increased accuracy in medication dispensing and alleviation of nurse frustrations. The shortened medication cycles reduce the number of medications in the med cart at any given time making it easier to organize and find medications. The easy-tear packaging and limited pills per individual package are nurse friendly and reduce waste when changes are needed. All of these benefits allow your nursing staff to spend more quality, hands-on time caring for residents rather than rifling through the med cart.

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