Power-up for
growth in 2021!

Grane Rx fits into your growth strategy delivering a comprehensive PACE pharmacy solution to accelerate your PACE 2.0 goals.

Mission Critical Strategies to Consider

  • Reduce staffing costs related to medication management
  • Workflow efficiencies with reallocation of nursing time
  • Medication PMPM alignment and taking on polypharmacy
  • Medication accuracy, risk reduction and transmission sensitive technology
  • Implement scalable processes making new space for participate growth

Commitment to Partnership

Grane Rx is a uniquely experienced PACE pharmacy. As the only PACE pharmacy with hands-on experience operating twelve PACE centers in Pennsylvania, Grane Rx offers a blend of PACE operational and pharmacy expertise.

YES! I’d like to learn more about how Grane Rx can accelerate our pharmacy growth.

The Grane Rx Pharmacy-Based Hub Advantage

Operational Opportunities with Grane Rx 

  • Eliminate or reduce medication management in the center
  • Access the best pharmacy automation 
  • Leverage Grane Rx’s PACE operations and pharmacy expertise
  • Reduce risk with best-in-class pharmacogenomics
  • Support cost savings and cost avoidance with meaningful data

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Dolores Reidenbach

“What really stood out to us in vetting candidates was Grane Rx’s reporting and data analytics. We were also impressed with their packaging and user friendly labeling for participants. The overall presentation from Grane Rx far surpassed any of the competitors we looked at. The speed with which they were able to answer our questions, combined with everything else made Grane Rx an easy choice for us,”