Pharmacy Services

Comprehensive services for both in-home and in-patient settings

The more complex healthcare becomes, the more you need an advocate at your side.

Grane Rx is a high-tech senior care pharmacy and medication management provider. Our end-to-end services include Meds2Home, clinical consulting, staff training, on-going staff support, pharmacy transition facilitation, precision medication prescribing and state-of-the-art pharmacy automation. All of our solutions are designed to streamline your operations, optimize your care and manage your costs.


As you adopt the Grane Rx PACE Meds2Home program, our team provides extensive support throughout the pharmacy transition process. We deploy a multi-phased approach that includes:

  • An official kick-off
  • Information gathering
  • Current state GAP Analysis
  • EHR integration
  • Onsite staff training
  • Go live support

Clinical Consulting

We make sure your team is fully informed and equipped with the information that matters to stay compliant and on top of your game. Our expert clinicians and pharmacy consultants are available to assist your team with:
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Chart reviews
  • Medication reconciliations
  • Nurse survey readiness
  • Population health and disease management
  • And more

Training Services

Whether you are opening a new center or facility or looking to improve the efficiency of your existing one, we meet you where you are. Grane Rx’s full spectrum of support services enables us to direct our efforts and resources towards the areas your center needs most, both now and in the future. We commit to partnerships for the long-term.


Grane Rx utilizes a three pronged approach to pharmacogenetics* to help identify and mitigate potential adverse drug events for residents and participants before they happen. Leveraging the Clinical Pharmacy Consultant, a proprietary decision support tool and genetic testing, Grane Rx is the ideal partner to initiate this cutting edge service.

Pharmacy Automation

Grane Rx is driven by people and backed by innovation. We leverage state-of-the-art technologies to augment our human capabilities and provide you with accurate and streamlined services. Our automated technologies include:

  • SimplePacks Packing Solutions
  • Medication Management System
  • SimpleAccess Medication Cabinets,
  • Medication Insights ™
  • SimpleView Online Pharmacy Portal

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