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Leveraging hardware and software automation

Powering Innovative Pharmacy Solutions

Grane Rx is a customer centric senior care pharmacy solution backed by smart technology. We’re committed to continuous innovation to provide the best service to our partners and pharmacy care to seniors. Our technology solutions range from hardware to software and leverage automation for scalability.

Pharmacy Automation

Grane Rx is driven by people and backed by innovation. We leverage state of the art technologies to augment our human capabilities and provide you with accurate, streamlined services. From our Electronic Medication Dispensing Cabinets and Medication Management Systems to our 21st century SimplePack Packaging Solutions and Medication Insights™ software, Grane Rx has an end-to-end solution delivering optimal efficiency, precision and safety.

SimplePack Packaging Solutions

SimplePacks are Grane Rx’s solution to traditional medication punch cards which can be cumbersome, costly and wasteful when delivered in 14 to 30 day supplies. Grane Rx uses automated technology to package medications in secure, individual packets that are labeled with clear instructions and complimentary visuals to ensure improved health literacy.

Medication Insights™

The more medications an individual takes, the greater the risk of adverse drug effects. That’s where Grane Rx comes in. The Medications Insights program is a medical monitoring service utilizing YouScript™ software by which prescribers identify medication interactions and potential medication metabolism issues.

Electronic Medication Cabinets

Grane Rx’s SimpleAccess cabinets store and manage medications, and allow for quick and easy access at your care center. But unlike other electronic medication cabinets, our technology doesn’t stop there.

Medication Adherence Management System

Accuracy and safety are essential to resident and participant care. At Grane Rx we utilize enhanced security measures to increase accuracy levels over manual processing environments. Our automated technologies coupled with our expert clinicians provide an added layer of protection for residents & participants and peace of mind for the centers serving them. 

Preferred Medication Program

The Grane Rx Preferred Medication Program helps care centers strike a balance between resident outcomes and containing costs when it comes to medication management. With each center it partners with, Grane Rx implements a customized, clinically appropriate preferred medication program to minimize medication costs.

SimpleView Portal

SimpleView is Grane Rx’s comprehensive portal that facilitates all of your ePrescribing and clinical communication needs in a single, secure, easy to use online interface. Our system enables real time communications and 24/7 access to the clinical and financial information you need, when you need it.

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