Grane Rx COVID-19 Response

From Our President

To our community of team members and customers:

We are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our team, customers and the people we collectively serve. We’re monitoring the situation closely and putting contingency pharmacy plans into place to ensure the uninterrupted and safe delivery of medications to senior care facilities and patient homes around the country.

We’ve mobilized an internal COVID-19 team to lead our Coronavirus response with speed and empowered decision making.

Our pharmacies have strict safety measures in place before this pandemic, but we’re looking at any and all opportunities to improve these measures even more given the need for social distancing. We rely heavily on automation for accuracy and quality control and will continue to do so.

We’ve closed our pharmacies to all non-essential personnel. Our pharmacy teams have been briefed on and are closely following a rigid protocol for the safe handling and distribution of medications.

In order to ensure adequate staffing requirements, we are adding additional workers to our team to meet pharmacy demands.

Lastly, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude… to our tremendous Grane Rx team for stepping up with calm and courage in the face of adversity, and to all of you on the frontline working to protect seniors, you are our heroes and we thank you.

Stay healthy,

Robert M. Rowland
President Grane Rx


Will Medication Delivery during COVID 19 Crisis be the same?

  • Grane Rx works directly with our White Glove Delivery (WGD) courier partners to enact additional procedures to safely deliver medications to all of our customers throughout the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Our WGD drivers are fully trained to deliver medications to quarantined or restricted entry skilled nursing facilities or assisted living facilities, as well as to PACE participant’s homes.

What contingency plans are there for delivering medication?

  • Grane Rx staff is in constant communications with skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, and PACE center staff to respond to contingency plans for facilities and participants who are under quarantine. Medications are delivered to participants and facilities under quarantine with zero contact between the WGD driver and person accepting delivery.

What is our facility need to change delivery plans/method during the COVID 19 Crisis?

  • As long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, or PACE center’s protocols change, Grane Rx continuously alters delivery plans to suit the facility’s needs.
  • Grane Rx team members are in regular communication with all of our customers to provide updates and ensure that we are following all current COVID-19 recommendations.
  • With 24/7 pharmacy coverage, rest assured that we are able to respond to any changes in protocol any time of the day. Call with any questions or concerns 1-866-824-MEDS

What about possible drug shortages?

  • Grane Rx purchases from one the nation’s largest medical wholesaler. We are in constant contact with them and they are well equipped to handle the current market volatility created by the COVID 19 crisis.
  • Grane Rx appointed an Inventory Task Force, meeting daily, monitoring possible current and future drug shortages and plan for alternatives and options.
  • Options may include sourcing from a secondary wholesaler, identifying alternative medications and therapies, or sourcing materials to compound drugs where possible.

What is happening with drug supply chain of all medications on the US market?

  • Grane Rx, through the nation’s largest wholesaler and our strong network of secondary wholesalers, has been able to maintain a steady supply and inventory of most all medications currently dispensed. Grane Rx is closely monitoring this and a number of other drugs.

What is happening with the supply of Hydroxychloriquine/Chloriquine?

  • There have been a few drugs that have seen supply disruptions due to the Coronavirus situation, especially Hydroxychloriquine/Chloriquine, which is being tested as a COVID-19 cure. Grane Rx is monitoring inventory closely and access to the supply.

What if we need a pharmacy consultant review?

  • Grane Rx clinical consultant pharmacists continue to be available to conduct required medication regimen reviews on-site or remotely via your facility EMR system.
  • Change of condition reviews can be requested via fax 412-963-6501 at any time using the Medication Regimen Review Request Form.

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Centers for Disease Control

World Health Organization

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

National Institute on Aging



How to conquer your anxieties during the COVID-19 outbreak – Harvard Health Publishing:

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