Senior Pharmacy Care Made Simple

Grane Rx facilitates the health, wellness and longevity of seniors by supporting the care centers and teams that serve them. Our holistic pharmacy and medication management solutions are designed to optimize your care center operations to free-up time and resources so that you can focus on resident and participant care. Grane Rx is driven by a committed team of senior care pharmacy experts and backed by smart technology to provide you, your residents and participants with seamless, end-to-end pharmacy services.

Who We Serve

We’re a team of dedicated senior care pharmacy and medication management experts who are passionate about supporting wellness in aging. We serve nursing care, PACE centers and senior communities across the country. Our customer centric approach ensures our partners have the tools they need to provide the best care with the greatest precision to residents and participants.

Our Services

Grane Rx is a full service pharmacy and medication management provider for senior nursing care, PACE centers and senior communities. We specialize in geriatric clinical consulting, training, pharmacogenetics, pharmacy automation and operational optimization for senior care centers. Our best-in-class services help drive your success in providing the most accurate and personalized senior pharmacy care.

Our Technology

We’re a customer first organization that leverages technology to enhance our services and bolster our customer support systems. We rely on innovation to bridge the gap between human potential and customer needs. Our automated senior pharmacy care capabilities mitigate risks and help insure optimal outcomes through accuracy and efficiency in medication dosing, distribution and administration.

Latest Blog Updates

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