Who We Serve

We happily serve seniors in our communities throughout the United States

A Senior Care Pharmacy Legacy

Grane Rx is the leading pharmacy and medication management provider for senior care centers across the US. We specialize in long term care pharmacy solutions for PACE Programs, Senior Nursing Centers and Senior Communities. We combine geriatric expertise with innovative technologies to deliver top-notch senior care services to our clients with measurable results.

PACE Centers

At Grane Rx we believe in the efficacy of PACE to provide effective, long term medication management solutions to seniors living at home. We’re invested in the success of the PACE center model and streamlining PACE pharmacy and business operations to ensure the vitality of PACE programs as they expand. Grane Rx not only supports the PACE system, we’re committed to collectively working towards the most effective and streamlined PACE pharmacy solutions for PACE care teams and their participants so they can remain at home as long as possible.

Nursing Care Centers

Grane Rx was born in 1996 out of a desire to improve medication administration and management for seniors in nursing centers. The Grane Rx team recognized the need to deliver operational efficiencies to nursing care centers by providing streamlined nursing home pharmacy services. We subsequently set out to alleviate the pain points around the medication pass and ongoing resident care. We continue to regularly innovate to address the most current and pressing issues facing senior nursing care centers and the residents they serve.

Senior Communities

Senior communities are uniquely set-up to deliver a broad range of services to older adults. Grane Rx assists communities by helping them integrate and deliver seamless medication services. Through technology and expanding innovation, Grane Rx designs flexible, customer centric offerings to maximize the health and well being of the residents in the community.

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