Five Things You Should Be Getting From Your LTC Pharmacy

Selecting the right provider for your organization’s long-term care (LTC) pharmacy services is important. Today, we’ll look at five elements to consider when identifying your next Rx partner.

On-Time Delivery

A reliable long term care pharmacy services provider should ensure prompt medication delivery that works with your schedule – not the other way around.

At Grane Rx, we take pride in our 99% success rate for on-time deliveries. Your staff shouldn’t have to worry about when (or if) prescriptions will be delivered. A dependable LTC pharmacy services partner should synchronize your deliveries and be willing to schedule them on a timeline that works for your staff and residents.

Medication Management that Works

It’s no secret that adherence to medication is driven by the degree to which a resident or participant understands their treatment regimen. The right LTC pharmacy will simplify med literacy by utilizing simple instructions and tailored packaging that makes taking those meds easier all around.

Grane Rx is a leading provider of pharmacy services that simplify medication management for those in LTC settings – and those who choose to age in place. Our Meds2Home program allows participants to receive their medications, guaranteed – never left on a doorstep. In this program, medication is presorted with all instructions and educational material written at a fifth grade reading level to better support health literacy and prevent errors with dosing.

Dedicated Support

It’s essential to have a dedicated team of senior care professionals with the knowledge to provide expert support to your teams, 24/7. A good pharmacy partner will make sure you’re never left hanging when it comes to after-hours questions or confusion around a medication regimen.

Technology You Can Rely On

Medication management is one of the most critical aspects of long-term care, and relying on dated technology can lead to ineffective communication and confusion when it comes to drug administration.

Choosing a pharmacy partner who invests in infrastructure and technology designed to support needs unique to long-term care demonstrates commitment to providing the best possible service.

A Patient-Centered Approach

The patient is at the center of everything you do – and your LTC pharmacy should be ready to provide solutions to the challenges you and your patients face when it comes to medication management.

Ultimately, having a knowledgeable and proactive pharmacy partner can make all the difference when it comes to delivering quality long-term care. Grane Rx is committed to providing accessible, reliable solutions for LTC medication management and is proud to stand out as a leader in the field. Take the next step and schedule a call today.

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