Family Health Centers of San Diego Completes Successful Transition to the Grane Rx Pharmacy-Based Model for PACE

Shift supports PACE 2.0 Goals and 3-Year Growth Plan

August 1, 2021 – Pittsburgh, PA – On July 1st,  Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) went live with the Grane Rx Pharmacy-Based model for their PACE programs. This move supports FHCSD’s growth plans as the organization aims to expand from one to three PACE centers over the next three years. FHCSD is a thriving Federally Qualified Health Center with a broad spectrum of services including care for  low-income seniors at its primary care clinics and as they age into PACE.

“We felt we needed to strengthen our pharmacy consultation services and were looking for an IT system that would more effectively track our pharmacy and medication delivery. We wanted an experienced PACE partner that could provide consultative services and 24/7 coverage with a strong tracking system for delivery of medication to participants. Grane Rx met all those requirements and more,” shared Jeffrey Gering, Senior Vice President at FHCSD. 

Grane Rx is the leader in PACE pharmacy services and medication management solutions and champion of the Pharmacy-Based model. This model shifts medication management responsibilities from the PACE center to an offsite, dedicated Grane Rx pharmacy specializing in PACE pharmacy. 

“We’re seeing our PACE partners achieve their PACE 2.0 goals more quickly and efficiently by adopting the Pharmacy-Based model” explained Grane Rx COO, Bob Rowland. “The shift helps organizations enhance the quality of their program and operational performance while reducing their pharmacy costs.”

FHCSD has identified a number of areas where they anticipate advancements moving forward including increased visibility into medication management risks, medication adherence and optimized prescribing practices. 

“We’re excited to have a Grane Rx pharmacologist working with our prescribers on their medication prescribing practices and to provide recommendations. This kind of practice is more common in the hospital inpatient environment but is just as important in outpatient care. Adding this process is really going to increase the quality of our PACE program,” said Gering.

FHCSD and Grane Rx are both proud members of the National PACE Association (NPA) and CalPACE. Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) is a comprehensive, fully integrated, provider based health plan for those who require a nursing home level of care. NPA and CalPACE work to advance the efforts of PACE so older individuals can continue living in their community. 

About Family Health Centers of San Diego-PACE

For 50 years, Family Health Centers of San Diego’s (FHCSD) mission has been to provide caring, affordable, high-quality health care and supportive services to everyone, with a special commitment to uninsured, low-income and medically underserved persons.  Since 2019, FHCSD’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) program has been providing innovative, high quality and comprehensive care to older adults in San Diego County.   FHCSD PACE works with participants to establish care goals and address the specific needs of the older adult so they can continue to thrive and live safely at in their home.


About Grane Rx

For nearly 25 years, Grane Rx has been a leader in pharmacy solutions and services for PACE organizations and post-acute care providers across the United States. Our customer centric pharmacy approach optimizes Care Center operations so providers can deliver the most seamless, accurate and convenient pharmacy experiences to their patients and participants. Our PACE Pharmacy Solutions include Meds2Home packaging, EasyRead Pharmacy labels, and LearnRx literacy tools available in 22 different languages, which are designed to revolutionize pharmacy services and outcomes. Grane Rx leverages senior care pharmacy experts and the newest technologies to provide universal, best-in-class service to patients, participants and Centers alike.

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