PACE Pharmacy Solutions to Improve At-Home Medication Adherence

PACE pharmacy solutions are SIMPLE when they:


  • Simplify regimens
  • Impart knowledge
  • Modify beliefs and behaviors
  • Provide communication and trust
  • Leave biases behind
  • Evaluate adherence


PACE Pharmacy Solutions Simplify Regimens

Participants with complex medical needs have complex medication regimens. They need to know how much medication to take, how often to take it, why they take it, when to take it, and any special instructions for taking it. Any steps providers can take to streamline and simplify medication regimens go a long way toward improving adherence.
Grane Rx addresses this issue with its prepackaged SimplePacks. Pharmacy packaging is critical to the success of your participants and our SimplePacks make all medications accessible together (when medically possible), reducing the risk that clients will take too much or too little.

PACE Pharmacy Solutions Impart Knowledge

Information helps participants understand what they are taking and why they are taking medication. Clear information also makes med passing easier and safer. Clear labeling, like Grane Rx’s with names and dosage clearly printed on the outside of pre-packaged doses, is a critical vehicle for imparting knowledge.

PACE Pharmacy Solutions Modify Beliefs and Behaviors

Allowing people to make decisions about routines, including when to take medication, is part of a client-centered organization and can help improve medication adherence. Shifting from set med pass times is enhanced by Grane Rx’s use of the Universal Medication Schedule allows for greater flexibility.

PACE Pharmacy Solutions Provide Communication and Trust

At each step of the process, Grane Rx builds communication and trust. Certified Geriatric pharmacists provide summaries for each resident to help avoid drug interactions. This information is paired with prepackaged daily dosages. These SimplePacks go through 12 security checkpoints before they are ready for delivery to individuals. This process reduces medication errors and builds trust in the system.
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PACE Pharmacy Solutions Leave Bias Behind

Cultural and language barriers can also inhibit medication adherence. Patient education is critical. Providers must make sure participants understand their medications and that all barriers to taking it correctly are addressed. Our simplified packaging and labeling help reinforce patient education. Participants can get visual cues about medication appearance in addition to written information.

PACE Pharmacy Solutions Evaluate Adherence

Are PACE pharmacy solutions actually working? It’s important to evaluate for medication adherence. This starts with asking directly if people have been taking their medication as they are supposed to be.
Questions may be direct and more specific—are you taking your medication every day? Do you take all of it? If non-adherence is indicated or suspected, it is critical to get at the root of the issue quickly. Is there confusion about the dosage, side effects? Financial concerns? Does the person understand why they are taking the medication and what will happen if they don’t? Is there mistrust that needs to be overcome?
The answers to these questions may require a review of some of the other SIMPLE steps, such as good communication, providing information, or building trust.
Medication adherence at-home is challenging but essential for the health of participants and the bottomline. Grane Rx understands how critical the right PACE pharmacy solutions are to meeting the challenge; that’s why we’re a leader in technological advances to improve outcomes.]]>

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Find out how we can help with your PACE pharmacy needs?