In the landscape of Skilled Nursing Facilities, Star Ratings serve as a critical measure of quality, guiding families and healthcare professionals in their decision-making process. On a scale of 5 stars, the average overall rating for SNF facilities in the United States hover at 3.33. 

Why are Star Ratings so crucial for SNFs?

Beyond serving as a benchmark for quality, Star Ratings directly reflect and influence financial stability, operational efficiency, and patient outcomes. SNFs with lower ratings may face penalties in reimbursement, struggle with staff retention due to operational challenges, and experience a decline in overall census. Moreover, facilities with Star Ratings below 3 are ineligible for the 3-day stay rule waiver, further underscoring the importance of striving for excellence in quality metrics.

So, how can quality pharmacy services contribute to the elevation of SNF Star Ratings? Let’s dive into three key areas where pharmacy intervention can make a difference:

1. Successful Care Transitions 

Pharmacists play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless transitions of care for SNF residents. By providing comprehensive medication education and tools for proper administration, adherence, and compliance, pharmacists empower residents to manage their medications effectively post-discharge. Utilizing advanced dispensing systems helps mitigate medication errors and fosters better health outcomes.

2. Reducing Rehospitalizations

Medication-related issues often contribute to avoidable rehospitalizations among SNF residents. Pharmacists conduct thorough reviews of medication orders for newly admitted residents, identifying potential problems that could lead to adverse clinical outcomes. By addressing medication-related factors such as adverse drug reactions or drug interactions, pharmacists help prevent rehospitalizations and enhance resident safety.

3. Medication Reconciliation and Disease Management

Consultant pharmacists play a critical role in medication reconciliation, ensuring that residents receive optimal drug therapy tailored to their individual needs. By leveraging tools like pharmacogenomics, pharmacists identify personalized medication regimens that minimize risks and maximize therapeutic efficacy. This proactive approach to disease management promotes positive clinical outcomes and enhances overall resident satisfaction.

Facilities with lower ratings face a myriad of challenges, from financial repercussions to decreased referrals and operational hurdles. However, there’s a beacon of hope for SNFs looking to boost their ratings and enhance their overall performance: leveraging the expertise of pharmacy services, particularly those offered by Grane Rx.

Grane Rx sets itself apart with an impressive average customer Star Rating of 4.22, with 78% of serviced nursing homes boasting ratings of 4 stars or higher. In contrast, facilities not serviced by Grane Rx lag behind with an average overall Star rating of just 3.33. The disparity in ratings underscores the significant impact pharmacy services can have on a SNF’s success.

In summary, the impact of pharmacy services on SNF Star Ratings cannot be overstated. By prioritizing medication management, care coordination, and resident safety, pharmacies like Grane Rx empower SNFs to achieve excellence in quality metrics. As SNFs navigate the complex landscape of healthcare delivery, partnering with a trusted pharmacy provider becomes imperative for success. Together, we can elevate SNF Star Ratings and pave the way for exceptional care experiences for residents nationwide.

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