Preferred Medication Program

Grane Rx: Your trusted partner.

Medication Formulary Management

Now more than ever, long-term care pharmacy providers are challenged to provide high-quality clinical outcomes, provide cost effective medication therapy programs and improve resident care. Medication formulary management presents a unique opportunity to accomplish all three elements.

However, doing so is becoming increasingly difficult, as Medicare Part D and Medicaid formularies continue to change and become more complex. Consider Grane Rx your trusted partner to ensure you're measuring medication therapy outcomes while maintaining the most effective care while managing costs.

The Pharmacy Balancing Act

Managing Provider, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid medication formularies can divert a lot of your nursing staff's time, taking their attention away from patient care. As a result, some facilities have turned to their long-term care pharmacy providers for therapeutic interchange programs, systems that automatically identify and switch medication orders to the lowest possible cost. With this approach, the software program evaluates each LTC resident's formulary and recommends clinically-equivalent drugs in the same therapeutic class.

The Clinical Consulting Advantage

At Grane Rx, we share your dedication to your residents above all else. While we're a firm believer in having a streamlined, preferred medication formulary that saves your LTC center time and money, we know that medication management has to be flexible to ensure patient safety, quality care — and the best possible outcomes.

To meet these needs, our team of Geriatric and PharmD pharmacists have developed a Preferred Medication Program and will work closely with you and the resident's doctor to ensure the right medication therapy for every resident. While our long-term care pharmacy technology is more advanced than most pharmacies, there's no substitute for hands-on medication expertise. And that's what you can expect for every resident, every day. You wouldn't have it any other way—and neither would we.

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