Nursing Home Pharmacy Solutions

A Leader in Nursing Home Pharmacy Services

For years, Grane Rx has been a leader in the industry, combining the latest in LTC pharmacy automation with what matters perhaps even more: the passion of people who have a genuine dedication to helping you care for residents.

See how we can save you more money, improve the efficiency of your nursing staff and above all — help your residents live healthier and more fulfilling lives. This is how we make LTC pharmacy simple.

Trusted LTC Pharmacy Services

Our team works tirelessly to support you in improving resident care and outcomes. With industry-leading technology, and hands-on experience we make exceptional long-term care pharmacy solutions simple.

Clinical Management

As resident acuity rises, our LTC pharmacy consultants help your clinical program keep pace. Our team of nurses and specialty trained pharmacists will guide medication management and compliance while creating a center-specific Preferred Medication Program.

LTC Pharmacy Savings

At Grane Rx, we help you reduce medication costs, so you can put those funds to better use elsewhere. And, by creating nursing med pass efficiencies throughout your long-term care pharmacy, we save your staff time so they can focus more on resident care.

LTC Pharmacy Technology

Grane Rx dispenses more than just medications. We provide advanced LTC pharmacy automation technology that makes your work more efficient and cost effective. These innovations not only save time and money, they also improve safety and provide a foundation for better clinical outcomes.