The Impact of 24/7 Staffing on PACE Pharmacy Care

When compared with long term care pharmacy, PACE pharmacy presents its own unique set of challenges. Because participants are in the home environment rather than in a long term care setting with clinicians on hand, questions, concerns and needs may arise at any hour of the day. That’s why around-the-clock PACE pharmacy staffing is vital. Having PACE pharmacy providers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week means that there’s always a geriatric pharmacy expert on hand who can help PACE center staff meet participant needs. This allows for a smoother process for PACE medication management. So what are the distinct advantages of having around-the-clock PACE pharmacy staffing for your PACE center? There are three main benefits.

Benefit 1: PACE Pharmacy Providers Can Answer Clinician Questions

There are many scenarios in which questions arise related to PACE participants and their medication regimens. When a provider is preparing to prescribe a new medication, he or she may have questions about what medications are in stock or what medications are on the preferred list. Or someone on the PACE center staff may need clarification in order to answer a question posed by a PACE participant or caregiver about a medication regimen. That’s where Grane Rx’s commitment to 24/7 PACE pharmacy staffing makes an impact. Whether during the day or in the middle of the night, a certified geriatric pharmacist is available to answer questions promptly either by phone or through the EHR system, making the process of medication dispensing more seamless. And when participants and their caregivers fully understand their medication regimens, they’re more likely to adhere to them. [Tweet “Around-the-clock staffing for #PACEpharmacy services benefits participants and staff”]

Benefit 2: PACE Pharmacy Providers Can Make Adjustments to Medication Regimens

Sometimes changes to a participant’s medication regimen can’t wait until standard business hours. If medications have been added to a participant’s regimen and the participant begins to experience side effects, Grane Rx PharmDs are available to perform a medication review. During this review, the pharmacist can help determine what medication or interaction could be causing the effects, as well as make suggestions to a provider about an appropriate alternative medication. This benefit is especially important when a PACE participant is first admitted and begins working with PACE center staff. As PACE medications are initially prescribed, there’s typically a need for adjustment. Having PACE pharmacy providers available 24 hours a day allows for those adjustments to be made quickly and efficiently.

Benefit 3: PACE Pharmacy Providers Can Promptly Fill Emergent Prescriptions

The final benefit may in fact be the most significant. When a PACE participant has emergency medical needs, such as that for an illness or injury, he or she needs medication promptly. With Grane Rx’s around-the-clock PACE pharmacy staffing, participants have quick access to medications when they need it most. This prompt access allows participants, for example, to begin antibiotic or antiviral regimens quickly, which begins the process of limiting an illness’ effects. The sooner a participant can begin taking medication for an emergent need the better, making 24/7 access to PACE pharmacy services essential. Our commitment to 24/7 staffing is just one part of Grane Rx’s approach to PACE pharmacy services. Make the transition to Grane Rx today by calling (866) 824-MEDS (6337).]]>

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